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Dental implants available in Aberdeen

10 Reasons to choose us for your Dental Implant treatment:

1.Our Implantologist has many years of experience

2.We are ethical and we do not compromise on quality

3.Clear pricing and no surprises

4.We have invested close to a 100k on a 3D scanner so we can provide accurate treatment planning (No need to travel for a scan)

5.Affordable prices and easy payment plans

6.Free consultation

7.Always happy to see you

8.We show you real cases similar to yours and the results

9.Strict cross infection procedures

10.Do you really need more reasons?


Dental Implant Treatment

Confidence comes with implant at Old Town Dental - discover unrivalled patient care with our highly experienced implant team.


• Appointment: Our dedicated Welcome Team will arrange an implant consultation at Old Town Dental.


• Clinical Consultation: During your visit, you will be requested to complete a dental and medical history questionnaire. This will include a comprehensive oral assessment. Digital photographs, impressions and x-rays/CT scan may be taken with your consent. No treatment is provided at this relaxed and informative consultation. Importantly it is a two way process in which Old Town Dental can guide you through a series of options which best suit your specific needs.


• Treatment Planning: Old Town Dental will create a bespoke written treatment plan focusing on your objectives, detailing options and costs for one or more of the Old Town Dental Implant services: Missing Teeth, Denture Stabilisation, No Teeth, Computer Guided Surgery, Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts.


• Treatment: Each patient is unique and some may require an initial appointment for preparatory work to be carried out. Alternatively you may proceed straight to implant placement which is usually followed by a healing period of 10 days.


• Healing: The time allowed for implants to integrate will vary depending on bone conditions. Over approximately the next 2 to 6 months the implant will integrate with the bone to become solid. During the healing period a fixed bridge or removable denture is used to close your gap.


• Restoration: Final teeth are usually fitted between 3 and 9 months after implant placement (with the exception of teeth in a day, where the provisional teeth are fitted on the day of placement).


• Maintenance: Regular dental examinations and hygiene appointments will be recommended to maintain the health of your mouth, teeth and implants.


• Aftercare and Guarantee: Old Town Dental is always available to help and advise where required. We are proud of the work we provide and our implant treatment has a four-year guarantee.


• Payment: We understand that everyone’s financial obligations are unique and at Old Town Dental we are committed to formulating a financial plan that suits you and your budget.


CT Scans


We are one of only a few practices in Scotland to have a CBCT scanner.


3-D x-rays for enhanced accuracy


One of the many technological advances which has emerged in dentistry in recent years is precision imagery in the form of three dimensional x-rays, also known as CT scans. At Old Town Dental Care we use state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment which helps us to diagnose and treat our patients to the highest standards. We are one of only a few practices in Scotland to have a CBCT scanner.


• The main advantage of CT scanning machines is that they emit a low dose of radiation while taking a very detailed and precise x-ray of your mouth area. These images are then uploaded in a software programme that the team use to plan treatments for patients who require dental implants, for example. Since the images are of such a high quality, surgery can be planned virtually by pinpointing in 3D where the implants are to be placed, leaving no margin of error when it comes to the actual procedure.


If you are interested in any of our advanced dental treatments, you can rest assured that we have invested in superior equipment and have well trained and experienced staff on hand to restore your smile. Successful implant dentistry starts with using the best diagnostic tools available, and CT scanning represents the gold standard for dental imaging.


• Call us today for a no obligation, complimentary consultation at Old Town Dental.




The prices of dental implant procedures vary from patient to patient as everyone has different requirements. If you would like to find out more about our dental implant price plans, carried out to your specific requirements please contact us. 




Here at Old Town Dental Care we provide a thorough and complete service. We emphasise on prevention as well as personalised attention and take great pride in the level of professionalism that we offer.



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