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Registering new NHS patients

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Root canal treatment (front tooth)

NHS Dental Treatment


The information below is a comprehensive guide about NHS dental services at our practice. Click on any of the questions below and you will be redirected to the answer.





























What happens pre-registration?


We will ask you to provide some personal information including your name, Date of birth and address.

• Arrange for you to have an initial registration dental appointment

• Provide you with a medical history form which needs to be completed and brought with you when attending your registration appointment.

• Offer you information about our dental practice and the services it provides.

• You can ask to register your child at the same time.

• Try to register your child soon after they are born, or as soon as their first tooth appears



What happens pre-registration?


 Your dentist will complete a comprehensive medical history check followed by an examination of your mouth, teeth and gums. You will then be advised on whether or not you need any treatment and how to maintain good oral health.


If you need treatment the dentist will clearly explain all of your available options including which treatments are completed on the NHS. You will also be given a treatment plan which outlines the estimated cost of your treatment.


You will then be advised on when you need to come in next whether it’s for an examination or treatment. Once you are registered you can choose to be treated by the same dentist for as long as you wish.




What is a treatment plan?


A treatment plan is a document which outlines any dental treatment you need as well as the estimated cost. You are provided with a treatment plan on you first check as well as when you need treatment. However, you can ask for a treatment plan at any time throughout the treatment.




What treatment can I get as an NHS patient?


• As a registered NHS patient, you can get all the care, advice and treatment you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

• If you want any cosmetic work, you will need to pay for it privately. Some treatments are not available under the NHS, for example:

• teeth whitening

• white fillings in back teeth

• white crowns on back teeth

• dental implants.

• As a mixed practice we provide both NHS treatment and private treatment.  If you choose to get private treatment, your dentist will:

• tell you how much any private treatment will cost

• explain your treatment options (including what you can have done on the NHS), and

• get your agreement to any treatment.




Will I have to pay for NHS treatment?


A NHS dental examination in Scotland is free of charge for everyone.

Following a dental examination, the dentist will advise you on any treatment you require and the likely cost. We will also provide an itemised treatment plan, if requested.

NHS patients, who pay for their treatment, pay 80% of the treatment costs (including any x-rays), up to a maximum of £384.

Examples of costs for some types of NHS treatment are shown in the table below.


























For a more comprehensive list of NHS Dental Charges, please contact the practice and we can email you the NHS Dental Charges price list.

A dentist can charge a patient if they fail to attend for an appointment without giving due notice.




Who gets free treatment on the NHS?


NHS treatment is free for:

• Everyone aged under 18;

• Those aged under 18 in full-time education;

• Pregnant and nursing mothers, until the baby is 12 months old;

• Those with certificated exemption from payment due to:

  - Income Support

  - Pension Credit guarantee Credit

  - Income related Employment Support Allowance

  - Income-based job Seekers Allowance

  - Valid NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate

  - Valid HC2 form

Please take evidence of any exemption with you to the dentist.

If your exemption from payment changes during a course of treatment please advise the dentist.


To find out more about getting free NHS dental treatment, or about help if you are on a low income, phone the NHS

inform Helpline on 0800 22 44 88.




What is Prior Approval?


Prior approval is required for certain treatments and treatments of a high value. Dentists seek approval from NHS Scotland and your dentist will inform you if that is the case. However, this process may take some time resulting in a slight delay of your treatment.




Are all treatments available on the NHS?


Although there a wide variety of treatments available on the NHS however, there are some which are not included such as cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic treatments include white fillings and tooth coloured crowns. Your dentist will explain to you whether or not your treatment is available on the NHS.




What if I need dental care in an emergency?


In order to book an emergency appointment please call during opening hours as early in the day as possible.

Outside opening hours, call the practice and an answer-phone message will let you know how to get advice or treatment.


If you are already a registered patient with us then emergency treatment is provided at no cost.

However if you are not registered with us then private treatment is provided on a private basis.




What can I expect from my dentist?


Provided that you are registered your dentist will carry out any NHS dental treatments that you need in order to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.


Your dentist will clearly explain your treatment options, the estimated cost and which treatments can be completed under the NHS.


Your dentist will inform you of any necessary changes to your treatment and will always ask for your consent before carrying out any treatment.




What does the practice expect from me?


You should attend your appointments as often as the dentist recommends. If for any reason you cannot make ot to your appointment then please let us know as soon as possible. If you fail to give us a notice of more than 24hours or do attend your appointment then there will a fee charged.

If there are any recent changes to your general health or personal details such as a change of medication then please get in touch and let us know. Please pay for your treatment when you are requested to do so. If you have not paid for previous treatments then we can refuse to treat you until you pay and can ultimately end your registration. Be respectful towards dental staff and other patients. If you are abusive, violent or threaten a member of staff or another patient then we can refuse to treat you and end your registration.

Follow all instructions and advice given by the dentist in regards to your oral health.

Follow advice on how to look after your child's mouth, teeth and gums (visit the Childsmile website at www.child-smile.org for more information about this)

Most importantly if there is anything that you do not understand then please do not hesitate to ask as all members of staff are more than happy to help you.




What if I'm unhappy with my dental care?


• If you are unhappy with your dental care, speak to your dentist or a member of staff at the dental practice.

• If you are still unhappy, you can make a complaint. We will tell you how to do this.




How to find out more?


For more information about our services:

• ask the staff at your dental practice


(This information is available on the Scottish Government website www.scotland.gov.uk.  The information was obtained from a leaflet that was produced by the Scottish Government Health Directorates, with the help of Health Rights Information Scotland, a project of Consumer Focus Scotland. It is produced in association with the British Dental Association).


What is a treatment plan?

What happens pre-registration?

What treatment can I get as an NHS patient?

Will I have to pay for NHS treatment?

Who gets free treatment on the NHS?

What is Prior Approval?

Are all treatments available on the NHS?

What if I need dental care in an emergency?

What can I expect from my dentist?

What does the practice expect from me?

What if I'm unhappy with my dental care?

How to find out more?

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Here at Old Town Dental Care we provide a thorough and complete service. We emphasise on prevention as well as personalised attention and take great pride in the level of professionalism that we offer.



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