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Possible solutions include:

• Invisible braces

• Six month braces

• Clear braces

• & more


Meet DR Rocio Moron

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  • Meet DR Rocio Moron

  • I completed my dental degree in Madrid, Spain in 2012. Following this I completed a further 3 years full-time orthodontic specialisation and MSc training in Madrid.  I am certified to provide Invisalign®.

    I regularly attend continuing education lectures and seminars to stay current with the most modern clinical and diagnostic orthodontic techniques. I am committed to provide advanced and comprehensive orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages.

    Patients in my care receive personal attention, support and professional service. They benefit from the most comfortable and effective orthodontic care that gives them the beautiful and healthy smile they deserve. I offer the widest variety of contemporary orthodontic braces on the market to suit every income and lifestyle. I am fortunate to have found orthodontics as a profession. I enjoy my work and I love to get to help people achieve their goals of having healthier and more attractive smiles.
    There is no better reward than the beautiful and happy smile you get from your clients when their braces come off.



Orthodontic procedures in Aberdeen

10 Reasons to choose us for your orthodontic treatment:

1.Our dentist has a Masters Degree in Orthodontics and only practices orthodontics

2.One of only a select few Invisalign PLATINUM providers in Scotland

3.You will be seen in a private room for every visit

4.Treated by the same dentist from start to finish and for each and every visit

5.Highly Experienced

6.Affordable prices and easy payment plans

7.Free consultation

8.Invested in Dental Cephalometric X Ray machine for highly accurate treatment planning

9.She is always happy to see you

10.Do we really need more reasons?





Private Orthodontics


At Old Town Dental we only provide high quality private orthodontics but at affordable prices.  Every patient is treated by our dentist who has a masters degree in Orthodontics.  She is also an Invisalign Gold Provider which means that she is highly experienced in providing the treatment.  There is only a handful of Invisalign Gold Providers in Scotland!


Private treatment is offered to both children and adults. More and more people are choosing to have private treatment for the additional benefits it offers.


You can choose from a wider variety of special techniques including:


• Aesthetic Braces


• Invisalign


• Fixed Braces


• Budget Braces


The first appointment consists of a detailed discussion regarding your concerns followed by an insight into the treatment the dentist thinks is most suited to your individual case and to answer any questions or queries you have regarding your treatment and an estimate.  You will also been shown previous cases that may be similar to yours and you can see the end result!


We offer easy payment plans to suit you and our prices are one of the most competitive not only in Aberdeen but Scotland.





Budget Braces


Due to NHS restrictions some patients can no longer be treated free of charge under the NHS system because their dental irregularity is not considered severe enough when compared against the IOTN (Index of Orthodontic Treatment Needed) set out by the Scottish Government.


For those patients who don’t qualify but still feel they would benefit from treatment we offer a self-funded option called "Budget Braces". This option allows the patient to fund their own orthodontic treatment at a much lower cost than private treatment. The patient will receive the same metal brackets as used for NHS patients. Treatment can be started almost immediately and even small dental irregularities can be treated.


If, however, there is a need for more aesthetic braces or more flexible appointment times then please see our Private Orthodontics options.





Who is budget braces treatment for?


• Children where malocclusion is considered mild, but would like to improve their teeth for cosmetic reasons only.


• Children who qualify for NHS treatment, HOWEVER, would like to consider treatment which is not available on the NHS.


• Anyone who does not qualify for NHS treatment.





Orthodontic procedures in Aberdeen


Here at Old Town Dental we aim to use our orthodontic treatments and procedures to straighten your teeth, enhance your smile and improve your confidence.


There are numerous problems with your teeth that can be improved using orthodontic procedures. Whether your teeth are twisted, crooked or poorly aligned, we can help.


Irregularities with your teeth can not only affect the general appearance of your smile but can affect the way in which your mouth functions. In worst case scenarios a patient may have difficulty eating or even just opening and closing their mouth.





Teeth straightening treatments

We have an extensive range of teeth straightening treatments on offer. Different treatments are more appropriate for different patients, depending on age, lifestyle and financial positioning. From removable fittings to short term and long term braces we have the perfect solution for you.





Need more advice?

We offer free consultation where you can discuss your requirements with our dentist and she can advise you on the most appropriate choice of treatment for you. If you would like more information please contact us.





Orthodontics for Adults


The good news for adults is even if you should have received orthodontic treatment as a child and did not, it’s not too late to correct overcrowding or over spacing of the teeth.


Adults may wish to consider orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons:


• Correction of problems for which there was no suitable treatment for in childhood


• Desire to improve smile by reduction of overcrowding


• Desire to improve smile by closing of gaps between teeth


• Facilitate other dental treatment required such as crown, bridge or implant work


• Assist with the treatment of gum disease and prevention of early tooth loss


• New technology means treatment can take place without wires and brackets visible






Private Orthodontics

Procedures in Aberdeen

Meet Dr Rocio Moron

Budget Braces

Who Is Budget Braces Treatment For?

Orthodontic Procedure At Old Town Dental

Teeth Straightening Treatments

Need More Advice?

Orthodontics For Adults


Here at Old Town Dental Care we provide a thorough and complete service. We emphasise on prevention as well as personalised attention and take great pride in the level of professionalism that we offer.



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