White Composite Fillings in ABERDEEN

Find durable white composite fillings at Old Town Dental Care to get lasting tooth restoration.

White Composite Filling in Aberdeen - Overview

Enhance your smile with the top-quality white composite fillings at Old Town Dental Care in Aberdeen. Our modern cosmetic dentistry uses tooth-coloured composite resin which is a completely safe choice instead of traditional silver amalgam fillings. Unlike amalgam, these white composite fillings perfectly match the colour of your tooth to provide an invisible solution. The removal of amalgam makes sure a mercury-free, healthier, and safer smile.

Enjoy the benefits of modern dentistry with White Composite Fillings from Old Town Dental Care. Achieve a radiant smile while prioritising your well-being. Book your appointment today for expert care in teeth composite filling Aberdeen.

Transformative Smiles Await

Get your hands on superior dental care with Old Town Dental’s white composite fillings. Our patients are the proof of the excellent results and transformative smiles that we help them achieve at our clinic. See their before and after transmissions. 
Our trained experts ensure precision and comfort in every treatment. Get rid of traditional fillings and achieve a natural-looking, seamless finish. Trust Old Town Dental Care for high-quality, client-approved solutions.

How Will I Know If I Have a Cavity?

Experience seamless dental care with Old Town Dental Care's white composite filling. When cavities attack, notice signs like:

Moreover, some cavities are painless and highlight the need for regular check-ups. Our advanced technology spots cavities early to prevent severe issues. Trust us to transform your dental experience at Old Town Dental Care.


At Oldtown Dental Care we understand that every patient is unique and has a different smile line and tooth shape. As such, we take all of these factors into consideration when creating veneers for you. .
Treatment begins with a consultation, where we will discuss your goals and concerns. We’ll then take a scan of your teeth, along with photographs, and digitally design your smile and create a replica model of your desired teeth. We call this a diagnostic wax up.
At your next visit we’ll carry out a mock-up in your mouth using the design we’ve created. This will allow you to give your input and let you test drive your final smile.
Next, we’ll carefully carry out any preparation to the teeth and take another 3D scan which our skilled dental technicians will use to make your veneers. We’ll refit some provisional veneers to give you a nice smile while you’re waiting.
When your final veneers are ready, we’ll bond them to your teeth to give you that flawless smile. Would you like to find out more? Please book your free consultation today.


The procedure typically takes one visit which lasts a few hours. The duration may vary based on the complexity and time of the decay.
No, the procedure is not painful. Before starting treatment we use local anaesthesia so that the patient feels comfortable throughout the treatment process. Our team tries their best to provide a painless experience for all patients.
With proper care, composite fillings can last 7-10 years. Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene enhance their longevity.
It’s advisable to wait until the numbness subsides. Once the anesthesia wears off, you can continue your normal eating habits without restrictions.
Absolutely. We custom-match the shade of the composite to your natural teeth to ensure a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result.
Maintain good oral hygiene, avoid excessive chewing on hard objects, and attend regular dental check-ups. These practices will lead to the longevity of your composite fillings.