Invisalign Dentist In Aberdeen

Get your best smile confidentially with Invisalign at Old Town Dental Care, Aberdeen.

Best Invisalign Dentist in Aberdeen

Old Town Dental Care is the trusted place for Invisalign dentist in Aberdeen. Our modern treatment approaches provide a smooth treatment journey towards attaining your dream smile. Invisalign Aberdeen treatment is an advanced option to traditional braces as it uses a series of transparent aligners to softly adjust your teeth into the required position.

These aligners are practically invisible, letting you smile with confidence throughout the treatment as these are designed for your comfort. Invisalign aligners are crafted from clear plastic by using precise 3D scans of your unique dental structure. They fit perfectly and provide a secure and non-invasive experience.

At Old Town Dental Care, we understand that every patient’s condition is different. The time duration of your Invisalign treatment and the number of aligners needed are customised to your individual needs. Our commitment is to deliver a personalised and the right solution so that you can get the best possible results. As an NHS dentist in Aberdeen, we prioritise your dental health and well-being. Schedule a consultation with us today for personalised dental care.

Unlock the advantages of Invisalign with us and discover a discreet, comfortable method to perfect your smile. For information on Invisalign dentures cost in Aberdeen, explore Invisalign braces options, or delve deeper into dental Invisalign details, reach out to Old Town Dental Care today.

What Does Treatment Involve?

Begin your journey to a radiant smile with Invisalign at Old Town Dental Care, Aberdeen. Our particular approach begins with a comprehensive oral health assessment to provide optimal conditions for your treatment. Using advanced scans and X-rays, we go deeper into your dental health to craft a tailored plan. Trust our skilled Invisalign dentists Aberdeen to send your dental information to the lab for precise aligner creation.

After lab examinations, we ask you to come for a seamless fitting. We also offer valuable oral hygiene tips and we guide you through 7 weeks to 9 months of achieving your desired smile. Find the confidence of dental Invisalign at an affordable cost in Aberdeen.

Lasting Dental Perfection

Learn the secret to a flawless smile with Invisalign at Old Town Dental Care, Aberdeen. Effortlessly align your teeth with discreet, removable aligners. Post-treatment, we’ve got you covered. Protect your stunning smile with custom retainers. Choose between a fixed wire discreetly placed behind your front teeth or a removable option. Maintain your straight teeth, as movement is natural, with our tailored retention solutions. Smile confidently, retaining your straight, beautiful teeth.

Why have Invisalign at Old Town Dental Care?

Old Town Dental Care is your premier destination for Invisalign in Aberdeen. As platinum Invisalign providers, we pride ourselves on merging expertise with modern digital technology to ensure you receive unparalleled treatment.
Our commitment to enhancing your experience is clear from the moment you step into our clinic. Equipped with an advanced iTero scanner, our Invisalign dentists Aberdeen bring you closer to your treatment journey by projecting real-time visuals on our HD monitor. Get rid of traditional alginate molds as our scanner offers a more comfortable impression-taking process.
Witness the future of orthodontics with our revolutionary digital technology that allows you to preview your post-treatment smile. This modern approach extends beyond our clinic, as we seamlessly transmit scans and measurements to the orthodontic lab crafting your bespoke aligners.
Choose Invisalign at Old Town Dental Care for a transformative journey. Our dedication to providing high-quality, human-centered care ensures your Invisalign experience is not just effective but enjoyable.


Invisalign discreetly straightens teeth using custom-made aligners and gradually shifting them into place. It’s a comfortable and virtually invisible alternative to traditional braces.
Initially, you may feel mild discomfort as your teeth adjust. However, most patients adapt within a few days and find Invisalign more comfortable than traditional braces.
Yes, you can remove Invisalign for meals that allow you to enjoy your favourite foods without restrictions. Just remember to brush before reinserting the aligners.
For optimal results, wear your Invisalign aligners for 20-22 hours a day. Consistency is key to achieving the desired outcome within the estimated treatment timeline.
While it’s best to stick to water, you can drink clear liquids with Invisalign. Remember to remove the aligners for any beverage that may cause staining.
Invisalign effectively addresses various orthodontic concerns, from mild to moderate cases. A consultation with our experienced team will determine its suitability for your specific needs.