Discover dental excellence with Old Town Dental Care. Our dental team is highly qualified and experienced, ensuring your smile transformation and oral health receive top-tier expertise and care. Trust us for your best smile.

Modern Techniques, Timeless Smiles

Achieve your dream smile with Old Town Dental Care. By using modern technology and advanced techniques in a peaceful environment, we help you attain the desired results. Whether discreetly aligning teeth with Invisalign, achieving a Hollywood smile with veneers, replacing missing teeth using dental implants, or brightening your smile through teeth whitening, our expert guidance ensures your journey to a perfect smile is comfortable and rewarding.

Family Dentistry with a Personal Touch

We offer comprehensive dental care at Old Town Dental Care. Our services cater to all ages to ensure your family's oral health is in capable hands. We take pride in building relationships with patients by extending a family and friends discount for convenient and unified dental care.
Trust us to provide a professional touch to your dental experience. Choose Old Town Dental Care for a family-friendly, high-quality dental service that prioritises your dental health.


Precision Dental Care with Digital Dentistry

For optimal dental care, precision is important. Our advanced technique "digital Dentistry", provides accurate impressions for cosmetic braces, veneers, crowns, bridges, and dental implants. By using a sophisticated 3D scanning camera, this innovative technology swiftly captures detailed digital images of your mouth.
As a result, you will get reduced treatment time by eliminating the need for extra preparation appointments. Trust Old Town Dental Care for quality dental solutions, where modern technology meets your oral health needs seamlessly.


Accessible Care for All Patients

Old Town Dental Care serves NHS and private patients. We ensure affordable treatment for all. Our convenient payment options make quality dental care accessible to Aberdeen families.


Trust in Expertise: Old Town Dental Care Team

At Old Town Dental Care our expert team uses the latest technology to provide you with exceptional comprehensive dental care. During your initial visit, we'll delve into your medical and dental history, conducting a thorough examination, including intra-oral photographs and x-rays if needed. Share your thoughts on your teeth and gums and any concerns; we're here to discuss tailored treatment options.