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Revitalise your smile at Old Town Dental Care, your trusted crown & bridge dentist.

Crown & Bridges Dental in Aberdeen

Revitalise your smile with Crown & Bridge solutions from Old Town Dental Care. Our crowns are crafted with precision and bridges seamlessly restore damaged teeth providing durability and a natural look. Whether addressing gaps or enhancing aesthetics, trust our expert dentists to deliver lasting results. Rediscover confidence in your smile with our tailored cosmetic tooth Crown and dental bridge crown treatments.

We offer different types of crowns and bridges which are specifically made to restore both function and aesthetics seamlessly.

Types of Crown:

Types of Bridge:

At Old Town Dental Care, our commitment is to provide you with a confident smile that lasts. Trust us for excellence in Crown and bridge treatments. As an NHS dentist Aberdeen, we prioritise your dental health and well-being.

Enhance Your Oral Health Journey


Rediscover the joy of a bright smile with Old Town Dental Care’s exceptional dental crowns and bridges in Aberdeen. Get rid of discomfort while biting and chewing and ease yourself from the self-consciousness about your teeth. Our skilled professionals specialise in repairing and rejuvenating your teeth to ensure lasting oral health.

Smile confidently, regain a youthful allure, and speak without reservation. These restorations protect against infection and other issues which leads to improved overall health. Enjoy your favourite foods without worry. Trust Old Town Dental Care to revitalise your smile and boost your dental experience.


Speak Freely and Confidently

Get the freedom to speak with confidence with Old Town Dental Care's exceptional dental crowns and bridges in Aberdeen. Our restorations help you to express yourself without hesitation and ensure a renewed sense of confidence.

Reclaim Your Smile with Dental Excellence

Ease yourself from the discomfort of biting and chewing, and reclaim the confidence in your smile. Our dedicated team is an expert in the art of dental crowns and bridges. We offer you more than just repairs; we provide a solution to renewed oral health and aesthetic satisfaction.

Don’t bear the pain of broken or cracked teeth any longer. Our experts are committed to revitalising your oral well-being and ensuring that your smile radiates with confidence. Imagine yourself looking younger and more attractive, speaking without hesitation, and enjoying your favourite foods without worry. At Old Town Dental Care, we understand the deep impact a beautiful smile can have on your overall health and self-esteem.

Our dental crowns and bridges serve as more than mere restorations; they are your keys to enhanced oral health. Protect your teeth from potential infections and other issues while enjoying the freedom to eat whatever you desire. Choose Old Town Dental Care because your oral health deserves nothing less.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dental crowns and bridges are designed to restore and enhance teeth to provide stability, aesthetics, and functionality to improve overall oral health.
The duration varies, but typically, it takes two to three appointments; one for evaluation and impressions, and the other for placement.
No, modern crowns and bridges are crafted to blend seamlessly with natural teeth and make sure a natural appearance and preserve the aesthetics of your smile.
Yes, once the crowns or bridges are securely in place, you can eat a regular diet. They are designed for durability and functionality.
Maintain good oral hygiene with regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups. Avoid excessive force or biting on hard objects to prolong their lifespan.
The process is generally painless. Local anesthesia is used during procedures to make you comfortable. Post-treatment, any discomfort is usually minimal and temporary.