Eye Lift in Aberdeen

Refresh your tired eyes at Old Town Dental Care, Aberdeen. Rediscover a youthful vision.

Saying Goodbye to Aging Eyes

Find the best solution for lifting your eyes at Old Town Dental Care. We are your go-to for Eye Lift in Aberdeen. Achieve your youthful vision through our innovative approach which merges dermal fillers and Botox injections. Our non-surgical approach helps you get rid of sagging lids and age-induced volume loss.

Our tailored combination of dermal fillers expertly fills lost volume, emphasising your eye shape, and harmonising facial features for a refreshed look. Say goodbye to droopy eyelids as our advanced technique boosts the look of the area above your eyes.

So, begin your Upper Eyelid Lift treatment and let our experts redefine your eyes and bring out your natural beauty.



Achieve a rejuvenated gase with Cosmetic Eye Enhancement at Old Town Dental Care, Aberdeen. See stunning before/after results of our patients, showcasing the wonders of our eye lift procedures. Our experts bring subtle yet impactful transformations to enhance your natural beauty. Get a refreshed look and brighter eyes. Find the possibilities to achieve timeless beauty with our skilled professionals. Trust Old Town Dental Care for a personalised touch that revives and uplifts your eyes.


Post-Procedure Comfort Guidelines

After the procedure, initially, you may feel mild discomfort. It is recommended to wash your hair after hair 2 days. Swelling and bruising may last for 10 days. However, take it easy for a few days and continue minimal activity gradually. You can return to work confidently after 14 days. Trust our experts for a revitalised appearance.

Look at the Treatment Phase

Our treatment process is carefully designed for your comfort and results. Our skilled professionals ensure a seamless experience by beginning with a personalised consultation to understand your unique needs.
On the day of the procedure, you’ll be guided through each step. Our focus is to create a relaxed atmosphere. After that, as the treatment progresses, initially you may feel mild discomfort. However, don’t worry it’s part of the healing process.
Post-treatment care is crucial. We recommend waiting for two days before washing your hair and expect possible swelling and bruising for approximately 10 days. Give your eye some time to relax and begin your routine confidently after 14 days.
At Old Town Dental Care, our skilled aestheticians are committed to providing an experience which is seamless and transformative. Trust us for pain-free procedures as our treatment process is needle-free. We ensure quick recovery so that you can continue daily life with a refreshed appearance.
At Old Town Dental Care, our commitment goes beyond the procedure. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality care to make you feel supported throughout your eye lift journey.


The procedure usually takes about 1-2 hours. During the procedure, we use a thorough and careful approach for optimal results.

Initial discomfort is expected, but our team prioritises your comfort and provides effective pain management medications for a smoother recovery.

After a few days of minimal activity, you can continue your routine. Approximately 14 days are best to ensure a full and comfortable recovery.

Swelling and bruising may occur for about 10 days. However, our team takes precautions to minimise any potential side effects.

Results vary, but the effects of an Eye Lift are generally long-lasting. Constant skin care and follow-up appointments lead to a maintained and refreshed appearance.

Yes. Our experts can discuss personalised treatment plans and combining procedures for comprehensive eye rejuvenation. Treatment procedures are tailored to your unique aesthetic preferences.