Teeth Whitening in Aberdeen

Find a brighter smile with Old Town Dental Care’s expert teeth whitening Aberdeen.

Reliable Teeth Whitening Treatment in Aberdeen

Get a whiter and brighter smile with our teeth whitening Aberdeen services at Old Town Dental Care. Even with strict oral care, regular amenities such as coffee, tea, and red wine can stain teeth as well as lead to loss of their natural shine. Get rid of those stains with a simple and effective tooth whitening process that can be completed in the comfort of your own home which is guided by our trusted and professional dentist.
Our home tooth whitening system includes custom-made trays and whitening gel. Following samples taken by our dentist to ensure a perfect fit, the trays are crafted at a lab, with the next fitting appointment. Wear the trays overnight or during short periods of the day, applying the whitening gel over two weeks or as directed. The process is tailored to each patient, with the dentist discussing the expected results earlier.

Enhance your smile conveniently over two to three weeks and make it ideal for upcoming events. While teeth whitening suits most, consult with our dentist if you have existing crowns or veneers to ensure a balanced new tooth shade. Restore your confidence with a radiant smile at Old Town Dental Care.



Get on the road to achieve a radiant smile at Old Town Dental Care with our Aberdeen Teeth Whitening. See our real patient reviews showcasing remarkable results. Our process ensures a natural and luminous glow for your teeth. Experience the shine of a whiter smile with care tailored to you. We help you build the confidence that comes with a brighter and more vibrant appearance. Trust us for a high-quality approach because your smile deserves the best.


Safe Teeth Whitening Options

At Old Town Dental Care, our skilled smile dentists provide two options:

Unlike pharmacy products, our methods are safe, advanced, and highly effective which guarantees no harm to enamel. Get pearly whites without compromise. Elevate your smile confidently. Trust Old Town Dental Care for a brighter grin.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

Showcase the brilliance of your smile through our advanced Aberdeen teeth whitening treatment in Aberdeen. Our careful process ensures a radiant transformation as it is tailored to your unique dental health.
  • Digital Impressions: We start with a precise scan of your teeth using our modern scanner to capture every detail for tailored results.
  • Customised Whitening Trays: These are crafted based on digital impressions so that your bespoke whitening trays guarantee a perfect fit for optimal results.
  • Bleaching Gel Application: Use the trays at home to apply our specialised bleaching gel for the suggested time period each day or night that suits your schedule.
  • Monitoring Progress: Despite the at-home nature, we closely monitor your progress, minimising gum irritation and tooth sensitivity for a comfortable experience.
  • Follow-Up Appointment: After a few weeks, attend a follow-up appointment to assess the achieved shade and ensure your satisfaction.
Moreover, explore affordable teeth whitening Aberdeen prices at Old Town Dental Care for a brighter smile. Elevate your appearance with our professional teeth whitening services.


Our skilled dentists use the advanced BlancOne system to apply a safe whitening gel to your teeth. The process ensures a brighter and whiter smile instantly.
Absolutely. Our custom trays are designed for convenience. Simply apply the provided whitening gel and wear the trays comfortably at home for effective results.

No. Our professional whitening methods prioritise safety. Unlike some products, our procedures are designed to enhance your smile without compromising enamel integrity.

In just a single visit, usually lasting around 60-90 minutes, you’ll leave our clinic with a noticeably brighter and whiter smile.
While available, these products lack the precision and safety of our professional services. Our methods provide superior results without risking harm to your teeth.
Results vary, but with proper oral care, the effects can last for several months. Maintenance may include occasional touch-ups for a lasting dazzling smile.