Dentures in Aberdeen

Old Town Dental Care offers the best denture treatment in Aberdeen for comfortable and functional smiles.

Dentures Treatment in Aberdeen - Overview

Get the best denture treatment in Aberdeen at Old Town Dental Care. While dental health has advanced, for those in need, our expertly crafted dentures offer a secure and comfortable solution. Thoroughly mimicking the natural teeth in both shape and colour, our modern dentures seamlessly blend with your facial profile which is often challenging for dental professionals to differentiate them from real teeth.
By using advanced techniques and durable materials, our dentures not only offer aesthetic appeal but also enhance functionality, promoting improved eating, speaking, and maintaining facial contours. Trust in our commitment to quality and precision for dentures that go beyond mere tooth replacement.

At Old Town Dental Care, we understand the importance of restoring confidence along with smiles. Our denture solutions are a testament to our dedication to providing you with a natural, functional, and long-lasting solution.

Dentures Transformation

Eat your favourite foods freely with Dentures Treatment at Old Town Dental Care, Aberdeen. Our tailored solutions bring back confidence and functionality and provide a natural look and feel. See the remarkable transformations in our before-and-after results which showcase the expertise of our skilled dentists. Read reviews from our satisfied patients who have experienced life-changing improvements in their oral health.

What Does The Treatment Involve?

Begin your comprehensive denture treatment with Old Town Dental Care in Aberdeen. Our process involves detailed steps to provide the best results. At the first consultation, our doctor examines your suitability for dentures and provides you with a chance to clear your queries. Your treatment visits include impressions, model adjustments, and thorough checks for fit, bite, and comfort. After that, your final dentures are fitted securely. Choose Old Town Dental Care for expert denture treatment in Aberdeen.

Benefits of Denture Treatment

Experience the benefits of Dentures Treatment at Old Town Dental Care in Aberdeen. Our reliable and trusted dentures not only enhance your ability to eat and speak but also boost your confidence to smile in public. With easy maintenance and a realistic appearance, our dentures are a seamless fit for your lifestyle.
You will have a positive impact on your facial structure particularly around the lips and cheeks, as our dentures offer enhanced structure and support, especially with a full set. You can also prevent alignment issues with partial dentures to ensure your existing teeth stay in position.

At Old Town Dental Care, we prioritise delivering a natural and comfortable feel.


The duration varies, typically spanning several weeks. It involves consultations, impressions, adjustments, and a final fitting to ensure the perfect set for you.
In the beginning, there may be an adjustment period. However, we work safely and carefully to ensure your dentures fit well and provide a natural feel.
Surely, yes. Once accustomed, you should be able to enjoy a varied diet. Start with softer foods, gradually progressing to your usual favourites.
Clean your dentures daily with a soft brush and mild cleanser. Remove them at night to give your gums a break. Regular check-ups with us are important.
Yes, we offer denture repair services. If you face any issues or damage, contact us quickly to assess and handle the situation.
In the starting days, you may notice minor speech changes but with practice, you’ll adjust. Reading aloud and constant wear will help you regain natural speech patterns.