Tooth Extraction Treatment in Aberdeen

Old Town Dental Care offers gentle Tooth Extraction in Aberdeen with same-day appointments.

Tooth Extraction Treatment in Aberdeen

At Old Town Dental Care, we try our best to preserve your natural teeth, but when decay or advanced periodontal disease makes teeth unpreservable then extractions become a necessary surgical procedure.

Whether dealing with malformed, damaged, impacted, wisdom teeth, or ingrown teeth, our experienced dentists use safe techniques to eliminate them. We provide replacement options such as dental implants or oral prosthetics based on the condition of the teeth.

Our commitment to your oral health ensures a thoughtful treatment process for every extraction procedure. Our dentists prioritise your comfort and well-being throughout the treatment process.

Tooth Extraction Transformations


See the amasing and smooth tooth extraction transformations at Old Town Dental Care, Aberdeen. Check out the captivating before-and-after pictures of our patient’s tooth extraction treatments. You can also see their satisfaction which is clear from their reviews. Their reviews attest to the excellence and quality of our services. So, begin your transformative experience with us.


Types of Tooth Extraction

Old Town Dental Care in Aberdeen offers expert tooth extraction services with a focus on patient comfort. Our skilled dentists perform two types of extractions:

Therefore, depending on your needs our dentist recommend the extraction process which is best suited to your oral health. general anesthesia may be an option. Trust us for a smooth and pain-free tooth extraction experience.

What To Expect During Tooth Extraction?

At Old Town Dental Care, we prioritise your comfort during tooth extraction. When you are suffering from an infected or severely decayed tooth, our skilled dentists use a detailed process to remove those teeth without giving you any pain.

Your treatment process starts with a soothing topical anesthetic to eliminate any discomfort from the numbing injection. Once the area is numb, our expert dentists safely use specialised tools to loosen and extract the problematic tooth. During treatment, they make incisions if necessary. We understand the anxiety surrounding this process that’s why we designed an approach that puts you at ease.

Following extraction, the socket is thoroughly cleansed and sterilised to promote healthy healing. Based on your tailored treatment plan, our dentists may suggest a dental bone transplant to prevent jaw bone loss.

Moreover, in some severe cases, we apply stitches. Some stitches are dissolvable and some are not; however, the type of stitches completely depends on the patient’s condition. At Old Town Dental Care, we make sure your tooth extraction experience is as seamless and comfortable as possible. Trust us to protect your dental health.


No, our professional dentists use effective anesthetics to provide an experience which includes minimal discomfort during tooth extraction. Your well-being and comfort are our top priorities.

The duration varies, but on average, it takes around 30-60 minutes. Our dentists prioritise precision and thoroughness for a successful and safe extraction process.

Not always. Based on the extraction complexness, stitches may or may not be required. Our dentists tailor post-extraction care to your specific needs.
In early 1-2 days, stick to soft and cool foods as well as try to avoid hot liquids. As you heal, slowly continue a regular diet. Follow our post-extraction dietary guidelines for the best and quick recovery.
Give yourself at least 24 hours of rest. Avoid intense activities and follow our post-extraction care instructions. Continue normal activities slowly as you feel comfortable.
Based on your dental issue, alternatives like root canal therapy or crowns may be considered. Our dentists will discuss the best options tailored to your unique situation.