Multiple Dental Implants in Aberdeen

Facing multiple damaged, decayed, or missing teeth? Our multiple dental implants provide a tailored solution to restore your missing teeth and their functionality.

What are Multiple Implants?

Multiple-tooth dental implants are an advanced solution for multiple-tooth replacement. Unlike fixed bridges or removable partial dentures, Multiple-tooth implants help in achieving a natural-looking, functional, and decay-resistant choice by replacing both teeth and roots. These teeth implants don't rely on neighbouring teeth for support and minimise the risk of long-term tooth failure.

Our comprehensive multiple-tooth implant treatment guarantees minimal bone loss by preserving the health and integrity of your jaw. Choose Old Town Dental Care to enhance your smile and oral well-being.

Advantages of Multiple Implants

Maintenance of Multiple Implants

Are Dental Implants Suitable for Me?

Dental Implants Suitable for Me
Dental Implants Suitable for Me
Dental Implants Suitable for Me

For many patients dental implants are a suitable and effective solution, regardless of age. However, there are particular cases where implants may not be suggested by our dentists. If you have concerns about your eligibility or suitability, it’s crucial to discuss them with our expert dentists. They can provide personalised guidance based on your oral health needs and possibilities. So, schedule a consultation today! to explore whether dental implants are the right choice for you.



Are you thinking about the healing timeline? Usually, healing after implant surgery takes around a few months, but the duration varies from person to person. Here's what to expect:

How the Implants Be Placed?

The placement of implants involves three crucial components: the implants, prosthetic teeth, and abutments. The implants are strategically inserted into the jaw to create a strong foundation. They look like a screw. The prosthetic teeth which are made to mimic natural teeth in both appearance and function complete the aesthetic part of the bridge. Abutments work as connectors between the implants and the new teeth for seamless integration. The initial phase of the treatment includes the surgical process, where gum flaps are carefully opened to expose the jawbone. Holes are made to adjust the implants, which are then inserted. Temporary teeth or healing caps can be used to protect the implant sites. Gum tissue is carefully repositioned and stitched back in place.

Over the next two to six months, a crucial bonding period takes place which enables the implants and bone to fuse and build secure anchors. After uncovering the implants and attaching abutments, a short healing period begins. The final step involves attaching a custom bridge that replicates natural teeth to the abutments. Following this comprehensive process, the ability to chew and speak normally is improved.


The number of implants is based on the extent of tooth loss and your jaw’s condition. Generally, 2-6 implants are enough for a bridge, while full arch replacement may need more.
Discomfort is minimal which is easily managed with local anaesthesia during surgery and mild pain relievers post-treatment. Most patients report tolerable postoperative discomfort that reduces within a few days.
Initial recovery time is 7-10 days, with osseointegration needing 3-6 months. Full recovery and implant functionality are achieved within a few months.
Yes, once healed. Initially, try to eat soft foods and then gradually reintroduce a regular diet. Dental implants restore full chewing function to allow normal eating habits.
With proper care, Multiple Dental Implants in Aberdeen can last a lifetime. Routine dental check-ups and good oral hygiene can help in boosting their longevity.
Complications are rare but may include infection, implant failure, or nerve damage. Following proper postoperative care instructions and regular check-ups minimise potential risks.