Do NHS Dentists Charge Per Filling? Everything You Need to Know

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Do NHS Dentists Charge Per Filling? Everything You Need to Know

In the UK, under the National Health Service (NHS), dental patients often wonder about the costs. They wonder about the costs of common procedures like fillings. Understanding the pricing structure can help you manage your dental health expenses better. Let’s delve into whether NHS dentists charge per filling and what exactly that entails.

Understanding NHS Dental Charges

The NHS Dentists provides dental care at subsidized rates, which makes it more affordable compared to private dentistry. However, it’s essential to know that while the service is subsidized, it’s not free for everyone. NHS dental charges are set and sorted into three bands. The bands simplify the cost for different types of dental work.

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The Three Bands of NHS Dental Charges

NHS dental treatments are divided into three bands, each representing a different level of care:

  • Band 1: This band covers diagnostic services, such as examinations, x-rays, and routine cleanings.
  • Band 2 includes all treatments in Band 1. It also covers extra treatments like fillings, root canals, and extractions. The charge for any Band 2 treatment is regardless of the number of fillings or other procedures you might need during the treatment course.
  • Band 3: The most comprehensive, Band 3 includes complex procedures such as crowns, dentures, and bridges,

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Do NHS Dentists Charge Per Filling?

No, NHS dentists do not charge per filling. Instead, any fillings are covered under the Band 2 treatment charge. This means that whether you need one filling or several during the same course of treatment, the cost remains fixed . This approach makes billing simpler. It also makes dental care easier and more predictable for patients.

What Does a Band 2 Charge Cover?

A Band 2 charge not only covers fillings but also a variety of other treatments. So, if you require a filling and perhaps a root canal or an extraction during the same treatment course, the total cost to you would still be . This single charge system ensures that patients can get full care. They do not need to worry about costs per procedure.

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Exceptions and Considerations

While standard fillings are included in Band 2, there may be exceptions. For example, cosmetic fillings are not typically available on the NHS. They may cost more than standard fillings. It’s crucial to discuss these options and their costs with your dentist beforehand.

Payment and Exemptions

Most patients will pay the Band 2 charge at the time of their treatment, but there are exemptions. Children, pregnant women, and some benefit recipients are eligible for free dental care. For example, they get it on the NHS. Always check if you’re eligible for exemptions before treatment. This will ensure you’re not missing out on entitled support.


Knowing that NHS dentists charge a fixed price for fillings under Band 2 can ease some of the anxiety of dental visits. It ensures that patients can plan their dental care. They can do so without the worry of costs rising per filling. Remember, get regular dental check-ups. Discuss all treatment options with your dentist. Doing this can keep your dental health in check and prevent the need for more extensive procedures later.