Can a Tooth Infection Self Heal? Complete Guidance

Tooth Infection

Tooth infections are common but can be quite painful and troublesome. You might wonder if a tooth infection can heal on its own. In this article, we will explore what a tooth infection is, its symptoms, and why it’s important to seek treatment. We’ll also cover home remedies, preventive measures, and when to see a […]

How Long Can a Dead Tooth Stay in Your Mouth?


A healthy smile is important, but sometimes, teeth can die due to injury or decay. This article explores how long a dead tooth can stay in your mouth, the risks of keeping it there, and what you should do if you suspect you have one. What is a Dead Tooth? A dead tooth, also known […]

Can a Dentist Pull a Tooth That Is Broken Off at the Gum Line?

Dentist Pull a Tooth

Experiencing a tooth broken off at the gum line can be both painful and concerning. You might wonder if a dentist can pull such a tooth and what the procedure entails. This guide will give you detailed info on the process. It covers the reasons for tooth extraction and aftercare. It ensures you understand every […]

How Much is a Filling in Scotland? Complete Guide

NHS Dentist

If you’re wondering about the cost of a dental filling in Scotland, you’re not alone. Many Scots find themselves needing a filling at some point, whether due to decay, wear, or an accident. Understanding the costs involved is crucial to managing your dental health effectively. This article will guide you through the prices, choices, and […]

Do NHS Dentists Charge Per Filling? Everything You Need to Know

NHS Dentists

In the UK, under the National Health Service (NHS), dental patients often wonder about the costs. They wonder about the costs of common procedures like fillings. Understanding the pricing structure can help you manage your dental health expenses better. Let’s delve into whether NHS dentists charge per filling and what exactly that entails. Understanding NHS […]

How Much Is a Root Canal on the NHS? Complete Guide

NHS Dentist

Dealing with a toothache? If your dentist suggests a root canal, you might be wondering about the cost, especially under the NHS. A root canal treats infection in a tooth’s center. It can bring big relief and save your tooth. Here’s your guide to understanding how much a root canal costs on the NHS, so […]

How Do I Find an NHS Dentist in the UK? Complete Guide

NHS Dentist

Finding an NHS dentist in the UK can sometimes feel like you’re trying to solve a complex puzzle. But, with the right info and some know-how, getting a dental appointment can be easy. You may be new to an area or need a dentist for specific treatments. This guide will walk you through the steps […]

Can a Private Dentist Refer To The NHS? Complete Guide

NHS Dentist

Let’s talk about something many folks wonder at the dentist. They ponder their next move for their pearly whites. Many wonder, “Can my private dentist give me a nod towards the NHS for treatment?” It’s a fair question, given the cost of dental care these days. So, let’s unpack this, shall we? What’s the Deal […]

What Happens If You Can’t Afford Dental Treatment in the UK?

Dental Treatment

In the UK, a cuppa and a chat can solve many a problem. The thought of a toothache that won’t budge without professional help can be a real worry, especially if your wallet feels a bit light. But fear not! The National Health Service (NHS) and other support systems are here to make sure you’re […]